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Can I make cheap calls from a payphone?
Yes, but charges from payphones will be higher than the rates advertised on our website.
Can I use these access numbers from my mobile?
Yes, but you will be charged more by your mobile service provider. We would advise using either our SMS top-up service.
How am I charged for calling?
From the 1st of July 2015 Ofcom has regulated charges to dialthrough access numbers and they will be split into two parts for clarity 1) The ‘Access Charge’ – this is how much your phone company (E.g. BT, Talk Talk, Virgin etc) will charge you per minute for making the call to any 08/09 access numbers. 2) The ‘Service Charge’ – this is the charge that is set by Wavecrest UK Ltd as the provider of the cheap calls dialthrough service. The sum of the ‘Access Charge’ and ‘Service Charge’ is the total cost of the call and will be detailed on your bill – your service provider will make the distinction between the two charges. Some providers, e.g. BT, may include calls to 08/09 access numbers in your tariff or they may charge peak and off-peak rates to call any 08/09 access numbers. Call charges to access numbers will vary by provider, so if in doubt please check with them first by contacting your service providers’ customer service department
Is the service billed per minute?
You'll be billed depending on what your current provider tariff says. Don't forget, we don't charge you for our service, your service provider does.
Are there peak and off-peak rates with JustCall?
No, it's the same cheap call rate no matter what time of day or night it is.
Am I still charged when my call is unanswered or the line is engaged?
Yes, as your service provider charges you for calling our cheap call access number, you will still be charged if the person you are calling doesn’t answer or if the line is engaged. You will be charged from the time you connect to our access number and first hear the voice prompt.
Are there any subscription or registration fees?
No, there is no account to open, no extra charges, no other bills to pay and you don't need a credit card either. We offer cheap calls instantly.
Does JustCall charge the person I am calling as well?
No, only you will be charged by your service provider for calling one of our cheap call access numbers.
How do I make a follow-on call?
You can make a follow-on call without having to dial the access number again. When you have finished your previous call, don’t hang up, simply press # # . This will avoid a further call set-up fee from your service provider and saves you having to dial the access number again.
Where can I find a list of the charges for each country?
Our easy to use down box located on our home-page allows you to search for your chosen destination and find the applicable rate.
Can I use this service from any UK mobile network?
This service is available from O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Three. It is not currently available from Virgin Mobile.
T-Mobile and Orange users are limited to one top-up per day.
Why was another payment taken from my phone? I didn’t request this.
Previously JustCall used a subscription-based service where you were topped up when your credit ran low. If you are still using this service you can opt out of this subscription by texting STOP to the number you originally requested the top-up from – this will be 84459, 80077 or 67400 and must be sent from the same phone you used to top-up.

To upgrade to the great new JustCall service please wait until you have opted out by sending STOP and finished your credit, then send a top-up request to 80050 for £5 credit or 80041 for £3 credit. You will then be in control of when you top-up and how often you need to add credit. For further information or to help upgrade contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to help.
What other charges are made other than the pence per minute rate?
When you send a text to request a top-up, your mobile service provider will charge you for one standard text message plus the amount you request the top-up for. When making a call, you will be charged a call set-up fee equal to twice the pence per minute rate (up to a maximum of 30p). If you opt to use the freephone access number you will be charged a surcharge of 2p/min. Your mobile service provider will charge you for calling our access number; this is a standard UK number and can be called as part of your inclusive mobile minutes where available.
Why do I get asked for my PIN when I am trying to make a call?
Previously JustCall used a service where this would happen when your credit had expired, with credit lasting 90 days from last top-up, unless you topped-up before the 90 days were up.

To upgrade to the great new JustCall service please wait until you have opted out by sending STOP and finished your credit, then send a top-up request to 80050 for £5 credit or 80041 for £3 credit. Credit will then only expire after 90 days of no use which we are sure you agree is much better way to make the most of your credit and continue to make low cost international calls easily. For further information or to help upgrade contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to help.
Can I make a call using a different phone to the one I bought the top-up from?
Yes, when you first top-up you will be sent a PIN, this can be used from any other phone. This does not apply to T-Mobile customers who can only use their credit from the phone they requested the top-up from.
Why was I charged by my mobile service provider for a call I made through JustCall?
The only way this can happen is if you press the green send key on your mobile after you’ve entered the international number. We do tell you not to do this in our user instructions. The call would have gone through your mobile network and they will charge you for the call. We cannot accept responsibility for any mobile call charges if this occurs.

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